Things About, Varieties - Countryside



Things About, Varieties - Countryside

Assistance country drinking water security project building, 360 wells have been drilled and the drinking water integrity theme of 208, 000 has been decided.

Persist on aiding avarice food trademark and taking the unique way, taking the manage in comprehending the total contamination-free planting of major agricultural products, with the green eating planting filiation of 6. Help milk cow sex-control implant transplant method and other new tactics, optimize dissimilarity, strengthen pollution prevention as well as illness homicide as well as trying system construction, perform scientific direction and large-scale acting and produce all trials in helping the of main as well as auxiliary industries. Ruling working economy as upper class industries, properly work good weather scheme coaching, improve the quality of farmers, explore qualified markets in another cities, strengthen efficient service system erection as well as realize rational salary of 5 milliard Yuan RMB.

Make, support as well as direct the farmers to ground multifarious communities to advance the ratio of farming firm. In pursuit of multifarious augment for economical expanding, this timetable inclines for an impartial developing in the countryside to open the prospect of rural regions. Place more endevours on the entire village support for poverty-aiding as well as evolution, and 60, 000 individuals from 163 villages have been precluded need.

Actively support the marsh gas tank structure in rural grounds, and better the waste processing ratio of country energy means. Fresh rural collaborative medicinal concern system and country clinical attitude aid system, and essay to realise new cooperative medical attitude overall scope.