Types Of, Agriculture



Types Of, Agriculture

Agriculture in Shaxi is described by its country location. Qiqihar City will face the dual obstacles of up-to-date countryside creating as well as poverty-aiding as well as bothers tackling in a long period. Persist upon specializing the trial of ˇ° agriculture, countryside as well as farmerˇ±, taking the evolution of current agriculture as the point of vigour, taking the enlarging of agricultural industrial development deed as the shearing aspect, and often supporting poverty-aiding as well as troubles tackling as well as fresh countryside construction.

Energetically maintenance current agricultural science and technique, further optimize the domestic structure of planting industry, strengthen main crops advanced industries building as well as produce the high quality grain production establishment of the state. Persist on refraining avidity food trademark and accepting the exact track, taking the rule in realizing the full contamination-free planting of primary agricultural commodities, with the green food planting sector of 6.

Ordinarily an agricultural foundation subordinated to the managerial township will be based, which turns responsible for farming property. Executive villages have made comprehensive land exploit schemes, taking account of the demands of the three primary land tenure locations, namely agriculture, industry and city construction. Hence it` s probable that land exploit will be made in a more habitual and effective structure. Consolidate farming infrastructure structure, and expand farming complete manufacture possibility.