Types Of, Value - Adana



Types Of, Value - Adana

A total of three parts plan contains five hundred location theatre and fair hall, as nice as organizations, meeting rooms, guest chambers, courtyard - planned for manifold objects as well as the 00 seat cafeteria that requires guests to find out Turkish meal.

Fresh uses of living glass goods as well as structural methods too as profound alternative of spectacular materials are thought to be employed in this making. The principal idea is to make an easy environment that contains total of visual amazes and positive fulfilment. A wary administration of the texts, light and color of all creating elements spreads an attaching skin that' s secure. The glass as well as steel facade of the fair hall successfully furnishes the requested structural worths with minimum visual obstruction, resulting instead in a light and refined border.

In order to produce the light positions more equilibrated the properties of represent panels are destined to be used. This pedestrian overpass begins from East as well as extends to the West through the house as well as covered with the ligneous covering. The grave admission of the making begins to the crease where all the resources can be reached from land degree including companies, theatre, exhibition sector as well as cafeteria.

The three multiple stairs with the ascending scheme are processed to contrive a opportune entry to all slants of the creating in conclusion of each side of avenue. The double-skin glazed external that is essential part of the overall scheme affords natural light to join in the restaurant also that is the other grave subject of technique operation.