Types Of, Varieties: Centers



Types Of, Varieties: Centers

Three rings: interior ring space, third ring route, fourth annular space course. In ring as the life annular space confers public servicing to the people in downtown.

There're conforming operating operates, middle schools as well as principal schools in dissimilar disposes. It is mainly big as well as multi-floor housing there, combing elementary abode development as well as component lately built residential district.

The housing capability of the old city district is for Sixty thousand people. Its planning concentrates on enhancing housing position, providing circumambiency and free space.

It is detachedly often to 2 residential sector in the West side and North side. Shangyu Middle School is saved in the West segment of economical developing section.

The residential ability of the southwest part of the city is for 45 people for thousands. 2 middle schools as well as 2 elemental schools are intended. Except booking Zhe Kezhen Middle School, Zhongtang Middle School is transported to the Southeast integration of longitude 8 race as well as range 10.

Communal sub center of the aged town district: shape communal national sub centre with fulfilled purpose of company and tourism. This day, Medellin is a city with advanced communal organisations. Improve the indications and techniques of business hubs in multifold degree.

Reasonable plan, separate total framework, partly concentration have to be repaid attention to. Fifteen streets: xv exact streets (districts).

The medical competency individual kinds three rate structures of communal hospital, regional hospital, and cooperation clinic.






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