Types Of, What Is: Centers



Types Of, What Is: Centers

Three rings: inmost ring space, third halo road, fourth ring path.

Undergraduates in younger middle school are partially boarders. The students in principal school enter the nearest school in their district.

It plans to stock present 2 junior middle schools and 3 principal schools.

The dwelling capability of the South part of the town is for Thirty five thousand people. It' is independently in essence to 2 residential sector in the West side as well as North side. 5 chief schools and 1 middle school are planned. Shangyu Middle School is conserved in the West segment of economic advance sector.

The house-building facility of the southwest branch of the city is for 45 people for thousands. The planning of the national competency varieties a multi-center plan of" one supreme center, two sub centers".

Public sub center of the old city district: variety municipal public sub center with finished purpose of corporation and travel industry. Currently, Medellin is a city with foremost public organizations.

Rational layout, separate whole body, partly centralization have to be paid heed to. Fifteen streets: fifteen special avenues (districts).

Center of sports of the old district: it' s assigned on the integration of Xinjian race and Shunjiang road with basketball playing field, swim pool, field and follow ground etc. Make up middle-sized and little sports centre in regional as well as house-building rate in accordance to the country usual, both in the up-to-date and old city district, form acceptable and concluded facility for sports system. The medicinal competency nature classes three level constructions of municipal hospital, regional hospital, and partnership hospital.