Value Of: Ground



Value Of: Ground

It will kind a overall chief center focusing on leadership, business as well as stay in the North segment of the city.

The aged district of city will be rebuilt to be a conventional organisation as well as house-building center through organic programme. The riverbank section in economical progressing district will figure a organisation centre handling the progressed fulfilling industry. Three rings: inward halo, third ring space race, fourth ring race.

The 4th track is constructed for cross-boarder transportation.

There're analogous operating facilities, middle schools as well as principal schools in manifold areas. The students in elemental school join the nearest school in their district.

This maps to deposit contemporary 2 younger middle schools and 3 prior schools.

It mainly has multi-level housing in the North. The housing capability of the South branch of the town is for Thirty five thousand people.

Thus it` s not suitable to expand extremely. 2 centers: 2 provincial business centers, which are corporation centre in old district of city and economical enlarging section. 5 essential schools as well as 1 middle school are intended.

2 middle schools and 2 elemental schools are planned.

National sub center in the West piece of the city: shape public center 1st by business and up-to-date trade.

Administrative centre is accomodated on the integration of third halo way (North) as well as Jiangdong course, which holds state government, citizen tending, city fair and so on. Better the specifics as well as duties of centers of business in manifold degree.

E. Dozen points: dozen community centers of business.