Value Of, What Does Mean: Adana



Value Of, What Does Mean: Adana

Scheme kit out to bring Turkish Cultural Associations collectively. A amount of three sections programme contains five hundred seat theatre as well as exhibition hall, as good as offices, meeting halls, guest chambers, courtyard - planned for varied goals as well as the 00 chair cafeteria that invites callers to detect Turkish eating.

A metal perforated panel on the top of the show hall authorizes for an ever-changing and periodically volatile quality to the structure with the aid of direct sun light. The glass as well as steel facade of the show hall efficiently provides the demanded structural ownerships with minimum visual obstruction, resulting in exchange for in a light as well as subtle campus.

To invent the light in weight floors more equilibrated the assets of figure panels are invented to be exploited. A walkway inducted on the top of the exhibition hall permits visitors to reimagine novel making system. With the support of the footbridge pedestrians will be able to take pleasure the view of the landscape painting when moving, to investigate creating structures as well as as well to have a visual entrance to the show space through glazed stratum panels underneath the connect system.

The double-skin glazed external that' s grave part of the general scheme affords daytime to join in the restaurant also that is other momentous object of design procedure. With this, glazed external as well exploited as a way to give the creating an airy feel. This refined functional amount not just creates a histrionic relation with the complete construction but as well supplies a screen that demonstrates entering affairs.