Varieties Of, Interesting - Adana



Varieties Of, Interesting - Adana

Programme set out to carry Turkish Cultural Associations collectively. A total of three departments project consists five hundred seat theatre as well as show hall, as so as companies, meeting rooms, guest rooms, courtyard - generated for miscellaneous reasons and the 00 chair cafe that requests visitors to detect Turkish products.

A metal perforated panel on top of the fair hall allows for an ever-changing and sometime nondurable quality to the schedule with the aid of direct sun light. The glass and steel exterior of the exhibition hall competently furnishes the demanded constructive ownerships with minimum visual barricade, resulting instead in a light as well as delicate enclosure.

In order to generate the light in weight levels more equilibrated the worths of framework panels are adjusted to be applied. This avenue opens of South East as well as goes on to the West all along the creating and covered with the wooden surface.

The three various stairs with the processing scheme are generated to design a comfortable access to all slants of the generating in conclusion of every side of walkway. A duplicate skin of transparent channel glass allows for a level of accept light for show space while dwelling act within the living backyard and the envelope for the slopping footbridge. Apart this, glazed front as well utilised as a manner to tender the construction an airy feel. This improved operational amount not solely generates a stimulant rapport with the general house however as well supplies a screen that displays coming situations.