Views On, Important Facts Anhui



Views On, Important Facts Anhui

Proclaimed " on creating crane outfit registry leadership chief view ", to the Anhui district Chizhou city all dwelling raising equipment for registry, in accord with the data storage factors as well as absolute information on the construction hoisting utensils number, to the asset correct item issued dwelling hoisting gadgets for the check-in, and the basis of data base in Internet, which is convenient for hoisting instrumentation as well as instrumentation joint to information, supervision and direction. Concurrently, further illustrate the producing raising tools as well as instrument setup, dismantling the notifying method, regulate trade way.

Three is to reinforce the guidance method, increase superintendency might, Anhui region Chizhou city housing as well as urban and Rural Construction Committee to energetically assist the dwelling website inspecting of prior risk source info program, the organization of producing web page integrity appraisement and monitoring data program for producing businesses to claim for or extended of integrity production ratification and do integrity quality norm demonstration Internet resource (field a necessary term). The video controlling system may display the fundamental situations of building site, the illustration of improving as well as the disparities of project quality integrity to realise dynamic, real-time supervising of dwelling website, efficient, convenient as well as security guidance information program. Consolidated with the surveillance as well as safety inspection, Anhui region Chizhou town house-building as well as city and country construction firm as well as alternative of dwelling raising things connoisseurs to take part in the checkup categorize, the structure hoisting outfit as a hearth of the work of check.