What Does Mean: Common



What Does Mean: Common

The aged district of city will be renovated to be a traditional business as well as house-building centre over organic settlement. The riverbank branch in economic processing area will type a business centre working the upgraded operating industry.

The ternary ring space way connects various purpose locations in the town, which is the major transportation way. The fourth itinerary is erected for cross-boarder transportation.

There're 2 superior middle schools, 1 oversea tongue school, 2 junior middle schools as well as 6 elemental schools. The learners in prior school enter the nearest school in their district.

Its scheduling concentrates on innovating dwelling position, providing surrounding as well as free space.

It` s separately substantially to two dwelling district in the West side as well as North side. 5 weighty schools and 1 middle school are scheduled. 2 middle schools and 2 primary schools are projected.

Communal sub centre of the aged city district: type municipal national sub center with finished work of company and travel industry.

Communal sub centre in the West element of the city: form center of public great by corporation and recent trading. Managerial centre is adjusted on the confluence of thirdly annular space road as well as Jiangdong course, which keeps government governmental authority, citizen operating, city exhibition et cetera.

Effective chart, separate general framework, partly unification should be repaid heed to. 1 core: I.

Fifteen streets: fifteen special avenues. Sports center of the old district: it is accomodated on the merger of Xinjian path and Shunjiang route (East) with basketball playground, swim pool, field as well as route ground and so on.

The medicinal facility command varieties three degree systems of city clinic, regional hospital, and partnership hospital.

Better the fundamental medicinal as well as health goal of Baiguan Health Center in Baiguan.