What Means, Important Things Anhui



What Means, Important Things Anhui

Wuhu is allocated in Anhui region, which is popular as an undeveloped component part of land exclusively coming after to the "rich" Eastern branches of People' s Republic of China. Its merely 4 hours by train to Shanghai from here. Persons from Anhui are reputed for their migration to the real big cities, to job there as cleaners, construction workmen, restaurant group as well as in all varieties of another objectionable acts.

Three is to richen the governance mode, increase superintendency force, Anhui field Chizhou city dwelling as well as urban and Rural Construction Committee to energetically maintenance the building web page observing of major venture source info programme, the structure of structure Internet resource integrity estimation and revising information programme for dwelling agencies to claim for or extension of security manufacturing sanction as well as do integrity quality norm display website (field a requisite status). The video observing system may reflect the crucial conditions of making Internet resource, the image of enlarging and the alters of schedule quality safety to realize operational, real-time watching of building web page, efficient, convenient and security leadership data programme. Consolidated with the control as well as integrity inspection, Anhui area Chizhou town housing as well as urban and rural erection company as well as putting of construction lifting instruments professionals to partake in the test categorize, the construction hoisting instrument as a center of the job of control.