What Means, Learn - Agriculture



What Means, Learn - Agriculture

Qiqihar Town will meet the dual objectives of up-to-date countryside creating as well as poverty-aiding as well as handicaps tackling in a long term. Persist upon focusing the perplexity of ˇ° agriculture, countryside as well as farmerˇ±, taking the evolution of contemporary agriculture as the aspect of strength, taking the progress of agricultural industrial development functioning as the knifing point, and generally maintaining poverty-aiding as well as hardships seizing as well as new countryside construction.

Actively succour modernistic agricultural science as well as technique, further improve the domestic structure of planting industry, strengthen prior crops amazing industries structure as well as contrive the superior quality production of grain foundation of the state. In accordance with as well as as a amount to rules of agricultural manufacture, instead of tiny planting along the borders of branches midst secret family or countryside funds, large bars of agriculture area from an whole area or even from a few locations have been fetched in an gross scheduling try.

Succour milk cow sex-control implant transplantation method and another fresh techniques, optimize unlikeness, strengthen epidemic preventing as well as illness murdering and sampling system construction, perform scientific management and large-scale working and make all tries in aiding the transposition of grave as well as auxiliary industries. Make, support and direct the farmers to constitute manifold enterprises to develop the ratio of farming organization.

Strengthen agricultural environ producing, and develop agricultural total manufacture capacity.

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