What Means, Value: Center



What Means, Value: Center

While, the devices and data net creating of Gongzhuling lags backside, and things info platform has not besides completed, with a miss of data tracking system and network tending scheme, which cannot face the market request, and we must increase the vigour of data services; with electronic commerce scheme, through the incorporated utilization of computer networks, GPS worldwide satellite positioning, GIS geographic data system flawless technology, realize the conversion as well as complementation of This to ordinary convey sector; it heavily boosts the treatment floor of posted funds, and the position of new guidance.

Hence, the fresh network things businesses have huge elaborating prospects. A large number of business elites current in Gongzhuling, which has brought a big size of trade capital cities to Gongzhuling, and deal has realized an matchless development; it also popularizes the bettering of personal organisations, and promotes the elaborating norm of assorted companies.

Utensils has the tendency of short offer. Domestic-oriented, focusing on the Northeast, North China instrument commerce.

The country, province and city also have connected supportive projects for the evolution of instrument.

Thus, information acting as well as linked enterprises are definitely blended, which supports the progress of linked industries, and producing % of partnerships can be attempted accordingly. So, the making of electronic commerce programme for implements centers is established on the flow as achievement, takes the web economical system track of info technology - products - stable advance of the industry.

Gongzhuling Town assembles all classes of gifts in inform programme, engineering and technical informing operates.

Gongzhuling has explicit privileges in effectual means, and the dose of skilled labourers possesses a high position in the northeastern cities.

Almost all over regards move, they run on the innermost one (of 3) or two (of 4) trails and residents run on the outer two tracks. It` s a traffic pursue in the three northeast counties. In the town, highways combine dispositions and villages.

The general manner is combined by highways.