What Means, Varieties - Agriculture



What Means, Varieties - Agriculture

Qiqihar City will face the dual matters of new countryside structure as well as poverty-aiding and matters seizing in a long run. Insist on specializing the question of ˇ° agriculture, countryside and farmerˇ±, taking the advancing of recent agriculture as the aspect of force, taking the bettering of farming industrialization activity as the shearing aspect, and gradually supporting poverty-aiding as well as issues seizing as well as new countryside building.

Include the might of large logos, strengthen the supreme enterprises creating, perfect the relation method of uppermost organizations, bases as well as farmers' takings, focus on 11 industrial chains, transfer first strength to predominating industries and significant projects, promote the large-scale as well as standardization of agricultural producing through industrialization, and maintenance the industrialization as well as urbanization of rural fields. According to with as well as as a quantity to principles of farming producing, instead of little planting alongside the tips of locations midst individual family or village total assets, large parts of farming area from an overall area or even from a few positions have been fetched into an universal planning try.

Agricultural advancing turned to an momentous case as it was determined that public and economical refreshing could not be continuous without farming improving. Second, it was essential to elevate a whole land employ planning system.

Enhance farming producing, and advance farming complete manufacturing competence. Make great exertions in the improving of farming equipments cooperation businesses as well as the promotion of concetrated land large-scale acting. Energetically help the marsh gas tank building in rural regions, and increase the waste processing level of country energy funds.