What Means, What Is - Anhui



What Means, What Is - Anhui

Grounded in 1928, Anhui Normal University (ANU) is one of the oldest institues of greater learning made in Anhui Province. With its area in Wuhu City which is prominent as a property of rice and fish as well as nested in the southern bank of the world well known Yangtze River, ANU is extremely good as one of the essential native institutes with real charms of southern Anhui and famous facilities from Anhui. ANU is nowadays created of Eighteen organizations, offering a finished and systematic learner culture system which changes at manifold cost positions from Bachelor to doctors and in variable classes from full-time bigger training, adult greater teaching to international training.

The length from it to the airport is only one-hour move. The College of International Education has gained tentatively 3000 oversea undergraduates from more than 30 states for Chinese knowing and training. It brags the longest record, rich test, advanced educating implements, complete facilities for live, abundant training colleagues and wonderful verify sequels.

The training basis of educating Chinese as a oversea languages commodity to the National Language Committee, as good as the HSK examination web sites online attached to National Chinese Office generate the try out of Chinese competence more relevant. Anhui Normal University takes pride of plentiful tutoring working men with splendid test. With the moderate size of external learners, the college is managed give every single student a lot heed in conditions of teaching as well as service today.